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Capturechen Studio is a team of passionate and enthusiastic wedding photographers in Canada. Headquartered in Vancouver & Toronto, our team are also available in worldwide. We are a tight knit team of award winning wedding photographers and artists with over a decade of wedding industry experience.We pride ourselves on impeccable service and attention to detail, making your wedding day a stress free success by doing everything in our power to pair you up with the best photographer and produce impeccable wedding photos.

For us, creative wedding photography is an art – we seek elegance and grace in every image. Every wedding has its own set of challenges, but this only fuels our creative spark for the best wedding photography. Capturechen Studio offers the choice of multiple location shoots, with full service of a hairstylist, personal assistant and a make-up artist for the duration of the shoot. Our professional hairstylist and makeup artist will change your style throughout the day to match your desired landscape and background!

Our goal is not only to produce exceptional imagery, but a place to experience professional and efficient photographic and video graphic services. Get in touch with us so that we can reserve your special date in our calendar. Capturechen Studio recommends that the bride to be chooses a stunning mermaid style gown, ballgown dress and a dress with color and flair. Break free of tradition and opt for a pre-wedding photo shoot today!
- Capturechen Studio

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